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About the Farm Animals

Our first farm animals were FFA show sheep in the ninties. And, then a few Pygmy Goats soon after the turn of the century.  Around 2007 we added  Babydoll Southdown Sheep and seriously began breeding and raising farm animals. 

Cow Looking at CameraWe have chosen smaller "miniature" breeds for our farm for the ease of handling (particularly as we age) and because they are so entertaining and relaxing to watch (especially the babies).

Our long term goal has been just to have our farm running smoothly and efficiently by our retirement years and to learn from many of the expensive mistakes newby farmers experience while we still can earn an income to support the farm.

Farming's a challenge while holding fulltime jobs.  But, we are getting closer to retirement with a healthy herd of Pygmy goats and hope to have established a small, productive herd of cattle in the next couple of years. After many years, most of our land is now usable for the farm as we put in much time to clear, mow, fence, and pen more of the eighty acres of land each year.

Our Lowline Angus  Bull ChevyIn 2014 we took a big step into raising beef as we have always wanted to do.  As with other animals on the farm, they are smaller than average cows... Lowline Angus.

Because of this new and time consuming change (of raising cattle) on the farm, something had to go as there would be no additional hours in the day to care for more animals nor any more hands to help us with chores.  So, we decided to say goodby to the sheep in early 2015.

About the Farm and Us

A very colorful sunset on the farmSunset from a favorite family
gathering spot on the Farm.

Oh Dang Farm in northeast Oklahoma is where we raised our three children since 1983. The last child flew the coop in 2011. So, to be sure we can  keep up with the responsibilities of animal and farm chores and still have time for fun, we pay attention when the farm work becomes too stressful.  If it feels like a 24 hour job, changes must be made to reduce the stress.    

Fifteen miles northeast of Tulsa and  three miles south of Claremore, Oklahoma, the eighty acres includes woods, hills, pasture, and ponds. 

We've both lived and worked in NE Oklahoma all of our lives and probably always will.  From Colcord, Rose, and Little Kansas to Oologah, Talala, Collinsville, Foyil, Claremore, and Verdigris, we have roots that run deep in this corner of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a great place to live!

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