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Oh Dang Farm Projects

Cabin DamageAs on most farms, there are always projects in stages of incomplete.  Good ideas have a way of beginning, but, are not always completed as had been invisioned.
And, rarely does a good idea start with a purchase at the lumberyard or hardware store.  We have recycled many things that may have been ready for the landfill after its original use. 

So, anything sitting around long without a purpose may be reused in part or whole in a new way. Even completed projects are changed from time to time for greater efficiency on the farm.  Sometimes projects are discarded when the reality of its usefulness sets in! 

If a completed project results in more energy expended from us and more time to actually use it, then, there better be a substantial benefit for the animals on the farm.

Here are a few small projects that were good ideas.
Click on those with links for more details and pictures.

Creep Feeder for Lambs and Kids.

Creep Feeder for Lambs and Goat KidsThis is one of those things during our first season of lambing that we didn't think to prepare.  Momma ewes will not stand back to let their babies eat feed.  So, a creep feeder was necessary asap and a small 4'Wx4'Hx6'L dog pen was close by doing nothing along with a large solid sided pallet.

For more details click on this link..... Creep Feeder for Lambs and Kids

Finally, a Garden not Eaten!

Over the years, enough trees were cleared for sun exposure on our hill and a small garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., was planted year after year. 


They grew ok if we remembered to water.  But, over and over, if the heat of the summer didn't wilt and dry the plants to a crispy brown before harvest, the farm animals (mostly those clever Pygmy goats) would eventually eat whatever green was left in  garden when we were distracted while they browsed. 

To find out how we are now able to have our Garden and Eat it, too, click on this link..... Finally, a Garden not Eaten

Reclaiming the Land for the Future...

When my parents purchased this land that we farm on now in the mid-sixties, about fifty percent of it was what was left over from strip mining for coal.  In recent years, at little cost to the landowner (except for the inconvenience of heavy equipment and dust), Land reclaimed in the ninties.the strip-mined land in Oklahoma is being reclaimed in populated areas because of risks due to steep walls and deep water.  The land is then usable by the landowner after a few years.  On the left you see land reclaimed in the mid-nineties.

To see some before and after pictures of the current reclamation project that includes a small portion of our land, click on this link... Reclaiming the Land for the Future

Projects in Progress....

We are going to raise honey bees. It has been surprising how much money it takes to get started if you want to begin with all the equipment to get through one year tending hives.  It also has taken  a few weekends to get hives built, location prepared, and much studying online and in books. 
Can't wait for the buzz to begin!

Not sure what will be done with them, but, we planted many gourd plants this year see what we can create from them. (As if we will have time to do something crafty with them in the fall)

We've been getting the parts to work on the truck, but, time has not been available to do much with it yet.
Looks like it may actually have to wait a few years until retirement.

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