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Our Honey Bees

To read about the plight of Honey Bee Health: 
Honey Bee Health and Colony Collapse Disorder

Bee Hives

Beehive LocationThis is where the two Beehives will be located.

After much thought, considering where the sun hits first thing in the morning, easy access, as well as how close to home, this is the location.  It is easily viewable as we head to the field to check cows, but, off the path enough for anyone uncomfortable in being close to beehives.

Just one more month and I should have two nucs in hand to install in my prepared hives.

So much is blooming at this time (April 2015) that I wish the bees were here now. I have not spotted any honeybees buzzing around the blooms that are on Oh Dang Farm.  That should be a good sign that there is no competition close enough to cause problems. 

Blooms of Daffodils

Blooms of Forsythia Bush

Forsythia Bush

Blooms of Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree Blooms

Blooms of Downy Hawthorne Tree

Downy Hawthorne Tree Blooms

Wannabe Beekeeper!

Interesting Picture of Highline WiresHoney Bees should arrive on Oh Dang Farm in early May 2015.

There are no Oh Dang Farm Bee pictures yet, but, found the above photo interesting of the highline wires.  The stantions can be seen for miles from top of the hill that they cross on our land.

Meanwhile, since late January, unassembled hive equipment has been ordered, assembled, and painted.  Special apparel and accessory equipment was ordered and has arrived. 

A location has been decided on, leveled, and a strong bench painted and placed for setting the hives.

Books have been ordered and read and the internet has been scoured for details of beekeeping.

The farmer's wife is the wannabe Beekeeper.
The farmer himself shall be in a cab tractor when he gets close to the hives.  But, he is willing to assist when it comes time to process and test honey that the bees produce.

Look for more about the bees as we figure out how to farm them.

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