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Our Lowline Cattle

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Chevy the main BullChevy
Our main guy

Cows and Heifers


03 TA Dana FullBloodDana (03)

08 Ellie FullBloodEllie (08)

031 FullBlood (031)

062 HalfBlood(062)

42 Heifer44 HeiferHeifers
42 and 44

45 Heifer 46 HeiferHeifers
45 and 46

47 Heifer48 Heifer  Heifers
 47 and 48

50 Heifer     Heifer

And, there's the Beef!

In 2014 we brought home the beef!
Oh Dang License PlateLowline Angus Cattle are a good fit for Oh Dang Farm.  But, even small cows are a big jump from the care of smaller goats and sheep we have been used to.  Not having a herd of cows before, fencing in 20 acres with a pond was step one in bringing beef to the farm.

And, without a barn, they would need some shelter with room for storing feed sacks. Fortunately, we found one used shelter and purchased two more before winter cold and wind arrived.

Corral panels were moved to the new pasture for cattle roundups when needed or separating calves and cows.

The first cows to Cow Nosing Around in Gatorarrive were a Bartlesville group of mommas with their spring calves.
With the purchase came feed troughs and an old squeeze chute.

A month later the field games began when Chevy, the bull, arrived in the pasture from Missouri.

Then, the next month seven young heifers were purchased and were brought home on an adventurous eight hour drive that should have taken three.

A second 15 acre pasture will be fenced in the spring of 2015 to move the bull and weaned bull calves into for a few months before sale or finishing for the freezer.

In the meantime, registrations and memberships must be addressed and looked over to keep them current and be able to register calves that arrive in spring 2015.   


Some Favorite Links for Lowline Angus Cattle, Lowline history, Information, and Supplies:

Southwest Lowline Angus Breeders
 SLABA includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The site information includes answeres to questions about raising cattle and about Lowlines.

American Lowline Registry
Membership, registrations, online herdbook, history, and much more information about Lowlines.

4R Farms Lowline Red & Black Angus Cattle
Located in Southwest Missouri they breed and  maintain a large herd of Lowline Angus fullblood and percentage cattle.

3B Enterprises, L.L.C.
Specializing in Fullblood Lowline Angus and halfblood replacement heifers and bulls.

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