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Our Pygmy Goats

Read more about Pygmy Goats here: 
National Pygmy Goat Association.


Current herdsire:CHARLINDA'S ANGELS HIDALGO Charlinda's Angels HidalgoWe were excited to bring Hidalgo home in Fall 2014 after a very long ten hour return trip and are looking forward to his kids arriving this year. He will add more  agouti coloring and height to the herd.

After looking for a couple of years for a mature black agouti buck (before finding Hidalgo), in the early summer of 2014 we decided to bring home a buckling to raise to maturity.  He is a sweet guy that will help establish a more diverse genetic pool amoung our Pygmy Goats.


0067 - Oh Dang Farm PrincessOD PRINCESS

0077 - Oh Dang Farm BlossomOD BLOSSOM

0078 - Oh Dang Farm TwinkleOD TWINKLE

0084 - Oh Dang Farm Gretel OD GRETEL

0094 - MoonlightOD MOONLIGHT

0096 - CelebrityS&S PYGMY CELEBRITY

Charlinda's Angels AmorCHARLINDA'S ANGELS AMOR

0103 - Oh Dang SparkleOD SPARKLE

1004 - Oh Dang PetuniaOD PETUNIA

0067 - Oh Dang Farm PrincessOD MABEL (NOT REG)

1004 - Oh Dang PetuniaOD BABYLEGS (NOT REG)

Junior Does

Oh Dang Diamond     OD DIAMOND

Oh Dang GlitterOD GLITTER

Oh Dang Tulip      OD TULIP

New herd sires for 2015!

Our history of raising goats....

OhDang2 License Plate
Around the turn of this century, we purchased our first Pygmy goats at an auction around Claremore, Oklahoma.  We got what we paid for! 
Because of their questionable pedigree, there were a variety of problems with health and husbandry.  But, we did learn a lot about Pygmy goats during those years. 

We began purchasing registered Pygmy goats as we learned more and more about them over the years.  We now have mostly registered African Pygmy goats on Oh Dang Farm with a couple of  does that are not, but, have shown to be friendly and good nannies.

Our current herdsires during 2015 are the two pictured under "Our Pygmy Goats" column.

Past Herd Sires of most of our current does are Storm (right) that produced many of caramel coloring for the herd and Redman (left) gave us three junior does that came in shades of brown.

We begin 2015 with a new black agouti herdsire, Hidalgo from Houston.

Pygmy goat kids are adorable!

Healthy Pygmy goat babies can weigh from one and a half to three pounds at birth. We try to attend each birth should the momma does need assistance. The kids seem to have springs on their feet the first few months and are fun to watch.

Most of our Pygmy Goats are registered with National Pygmy Goat Association.

If you are looking for Pygmy Goats For Sale at this time, please check this page:
Pygmy Goats for Sale
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Some Favorite Links for Pygmy Goat Information and Supplies:

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If you have registered Pygmy goats or not registered, the NPGA site has helpful information on conformation, health, registration, and breeders you will need to successfully raise your goats.

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A lot of good links for Pygmy goat health and management.

Irvine Mesa Charros 4H Club site
This website's pages were designed by the Computer Science project of the Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H Club.  There is lots of information of more than just Pygmy goats helpful for the small or small farmer.

Hoegger Goat Supply
Everything you need for raising goats.

Caprine Supply
Another great supplier of everything you need for raising goats.

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